Fastbreak Football Camp 2022

Registration for the 2022 camp is now closed.  Please join us next year.

Fastbreak Football Camp is a unique sports camp.  We focus on character education, general athletic development, and weight room fundamentals, in addition to football specific instruction.  Coaches at Fastbreak Football Camp will teach young athletes the key character traits required of good teammates, the fundamentals of the game of football, and the athletic postures and movements necessary to excel in any sport. Instruction will be clear and concrete. Activities will be fun and fast-paced.

Through football-specific drills, speed and agility training, dynamic and static stretching, age-appropriate weight training fundamentals, and tips on nutrition and hydration, coaches will challenge young athletes to improve the way their bodies move and work.

Registration Closed
"My son enjoyed everything about participating in Fastbreak Football Camp. Each day, he came home and shared something different that he had learned about the game of football. He was inspired to challenge himself to improve athletically while at camp - he wanted to improve his time on the 40 meter dash and learn more about lifting weights. At home, he was excited to demonstrate the proper technique for sprinting, which he learned at camp. Most of all, my son enjoyed the camaraderie with the coaches, junior coaches, and his fellow campers. The coaches made camp engaging by incorporating plenty of opportunities for fun and laughter. My son looks forward to attending Fastbreak Football Camp next summer."

​- Parent of former camper

"Fastbreak Football Camp was amazing! My 13 year old son had a blast.  Having never played football he came away with a strong understanding of skills and concepts. The coaches do a great job of not just coaching  football but coaching character! We would highly recommend the camp!"

- Parent of former camper

"My son had SUCH a great time…he would be upset to know I told you he got teary in the car that the week is over. I really think this program was so good for him. It gave him confidence in himself and pride in his hard work.


Thanks so much to all of your players who helped these kids this week. It may not seem like a lot through high school eyes, but the guys really are making a difference in the lives of the campers." 

-Parent of former camper